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Who We Are

Since the inception of the The StartUp Clinic in 2012, we have specialized in providing strategic consulting & support for early stage startups. We work closely with new entrepreneurs to understand their vision, researching their markets and competitors, and helping them develop their launch strategy. Our experienced team provides step by step guidance to establish, structure and organize new businesses, ensuring they are prepared and have taken into consideration all possible risks and opportunities to ensure entrepreneurial success.  

We are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs  with building extraordinary businesses.

What We Are About

The StartUp Clinic's mission is to support startups in planning, executing and managing the build & launch. We are truly passionate about supporting first time entrepreneurs; guiding them through those crucial early steps.  To that end, we like to share resources, information & tips about how to successfully build & launch a startup.​

How We Can Help

We have taken best practices across multiple industries and formed a one-stop shop to provide high quality services. Our services have been structured to ensure new business owners & their teams have the support to become successful and manage their success effectively.​ 

StartUp Webinars & Classes

The StartUp Clinic holds workshops frequently. Check the Workshops page to find out more!



We Have the Best Clients
And This is What They Have to Say

"Wonderful to work with. Extremely thorough; they have strong initiative... I’m a specialty contractor in California and they helped navigate this tough climate and launch my company. They took the time to understand  my goals and helped me understand clearly what all was required to structure my company. They are smart, careful, and honest .and I will say that because of their help, my  company has solid footing." 

Brian G.

Founder & Presdient

San Francisco, California

.."the StartUp Clinic,, helped with all aspects of setting-up and running our US offices... Responsibilities included everything from setting up the network to evaluating and selecting health insurance options.. they also established the on-boarding process for all US new hires.. They were extremely thorough in all aspects.. In particular, they brought analytical rigor to many of the different decisions they were empowered to make. Most importantly, they work with a positive attitude & effectively communicate... a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely contract with them again"..

Michael L.

CEO & Founder

San Mateo, California

"I worked with The StartUp Clinic to customize a complete solution. The company was a pure start up; they were challenged to do everything to get them up and running, and at the same time provide scalability as they grow. I would highly recommend them to any organization. They have the utmost integrity, understand the needs of startup companies and commit to achieving optimal results"...

Andy G.

VP of Sales & Entrepreneur

San Mateo, California


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