The StartUp Clinic


We provide a quality business plan writing service tailored to your specific industry. We specialize in professional business plans written by accomplished StartUp Business Consultants with over 15 years of experience building & launching startups. 


Business plans are required for bank loans, investors, grants, venture capitalists & even leasing office spaces. Our clients no longer have to worry about the complexities of becoming an expert business plan writer. Our qualified writers take an entrepreneur’s ideas and goals and put them into a tangible, SBA approved format that banking institutions & the SBA require.


According to the Small Business Administration SBA, it takes the average entrepreneur 400 hours to complete an SBA business plan. Writing a business plan takes a lot of thought, time, and consideration. Handing the business plan writing off to experts, such The StartUp Clinic is the smart thing to do. What sets us apart is we take business plan writing a step further by offering additional services business owners can actually use. You will have confidence in knowing you are building a solid foundation for your business venture. Our  business plan writers are professionals with years of extensive business  writing experience. Each business plan is custom written for you and your  business. No templates!

We offer two Business

Plan Packages

Business Plan Writing Services

We hand write your SBA approved, industry specific StartUp Business Plan. This package includes a 1  hour StartUp Business Plan Strategy Zoom Session where we discuss your business idea, targeted growth plan, potential market & customers, challenges, opportunities, goals & growth strategies. We will also identify an effective “story” for the business plan. Our Business Plan writing services include: 

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Management Team & Organizational Chart

  3. Opportunity & Solution

  4. Target Market

  5. Competition & Competitive Advantage

  6. Marketing & Sales Plan

  7. Business Model & Operating Plan

  8. Operating Plan

  9. Locations & Facilities

  10. Equipment & Technology

  11. Milestones & Metrics

  12. Expectations

  13. Financials / Sales Projections

  14. Identify your Target Market & conduct Market Research

  15. Perform a Competitor Analysis & Differentation Strategy

  16. Develop your Pricing Strategy

  17. Provide coaching to develop your Mission Statement

  18. Develop your Staffing & Recruiting Plans


DIY Business Plan Package

This package includes our SBA approved, industry customized Business Plan template & 2 Zoom Business Plan coaching sessions. One 30 min. instructional Zoom session on how to utilize the template & one 30 min. Zoom session to review your plan once it's completed, make corrections or provide feedback. A step by step PDF guide on how to utilize the templates is also included along with Financial & Sales Projection spreadsheet templates & automated graphs that are produced by spreadsheet templates.