If you have a startup or if you are planning to build & launch a startup in 2021 & are looking for funding. Or, if you have an idea for a startup & need to strategize funding before the launch of your business. Or, you might have already launched your business with acquired funding, but now need additional financial backing for expansion your startup is doing great & you are expanding & need more funds THIS TRAINING WILL COVER 1. FUND RAISING FROM INVESTORS & BOOTSTRAPPING  Bootstrapping & how it can be effective  Learn how to raise funds through bootstrapping with equity  Different methods of self-bootstrapping (self funding) 2. PROFESSIONAL INVESTORS (ANGELS, VENTURE CAPITAL, PRIVATE, ETC)  How & when to reach out to investors to get funds  Dos & don’ts when dealing with an investor  Where to connect with potential investors for your industry  Psychology of an investor; their perspective & what they are really looking for in a startup investment  Calculate how much money is required & the conditions  Term sheets – how they affect your startup in the long term 3. CROWDFUNDING  Methods of crowdfunding  When to go for crowdfunding & when to avoid it  What is at stake when crowdfunding & how it could affect your startup in the long run 4. FINANCIAL & NON-FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS  Types of financial & non-financial institutions available & how to connect with them  Lending terms of institutions & how to ensure you get the best possible terms