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StartUp Project
Management Services

 We work with small to mid-sized companies in the areas of accounting, financial analysis, and business operations. Quite often, newly formed companies are focused on delivering their products or services to the marketplace.  As a result, owners and partners often overlook the administrative aspect of running a business.  Sometimes they are unaware of the importance of not only making sales and paying bills, but the value of timely financial reports. 

The StartUp Clinic's Project Management services include:

  • Conduct detailed interviews that will identify your operations

  • Identify and understand the “business drivers” (and key indicators)

  • Create a business plan that will help focus activities and define goals

  • Set up accounting systems or improve existing systems

  • Business and Project Risk Management

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Program Management

  • Facilitate project planning

  • Develop methodologies

  • Mentoring and coaching

  • Commercial lease & site selection

  • Staffing & recruitment planning

  • Create Operations Manuals