StartUp Services & Solutions

Have a great business idea and ready to build your future, but don’t know where to begin?

Start with us!

We will do the “heavy lifting” so you can focus on other priorities.


Business Plans

Business plans are required for bank loans, investors, grants, venture capitalists & even leasing office spaces. Our clients no longer have to worry about the complexities of becoming an expert business plan writer. Our qualified writers take an entrepreneur’s ideas and goals and put them into a comprehensive, polished format that banking institutions & the SBA require.


StartUp Coaching

Our virtual coaching programs helps you create a strategy to meet your startup goals. We are committed to helping you create and cultivate a profitable business. Starting at the business concept, to formation, to finding your target market, to marketing strategy to pricing strategy. Ending at your product or service being sold to your target customer.


10 Steps to Launch Your StartUp

During the StartUp 10 Step Plan Consultation, our pros  walks through each step of exactly how to launch your business. Following the consultation, we email your 10 Steps to to Launch Your StartUp Plan electronically, along with a summary of the consultation. For those that do not have a budget for a StartUp Consultant, this plan is the way to go!

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StartUp Formation Consultation

Our experts will inform you which formation is the most advantageous & state compliant; explaining clearly & concisely why. After the consultation, we send you a Formation Consultation Summary: a report containing the formation advised by us and the supporting information on why; including references to state law.


Financials & Sales Projections

We offer the best in the industry Business Plans, but it’s our top down, comprehensive financial models; that are truly exceptional. Our 3 year Financial & Sales Projections are custom-built in Excel, GAAP approved and optimized for lenders & investors. They are a critical tool for any new startup that needs funding & an understanding of their financial picture.  To be used independently or as an add on to Business Plan Services.


The StartUp Clinic

4 One hour virtual coaching sessions

Learn the processes that build & launch businesses

Brainstorm ways to monetize your brand

Goal setting program & materials

Goal tracking program, reporting & measurement of progress

EBook 10 Steps to Launch

Subscription to exclusive Entrepreneurs Club blog & videos

The StartUp Clinic

StartUp Q & A Consultation

There are a million details involved in starting up a new business. This 1 hour Zoom consultation is a StartUp Q & A. Session. Our experts will review the answers with you in detail as well as email you a detailed summary of the Q & A Consultation afterwards. No pressure to purchase more services of any kind. This session is all about getting the answers you need!


Staffing & Recruitment

The StartUp Clinic designs Staffing & Recruitment Plans, including defining job roles & creating job descriptions, organizational chart design, compensation salary surveys and more. The Staffing Package is a complete staffing plan, organizational chart, job descriptions, salary surveys & comprehensive recruitment strategies.


StartUp Market Research Plan

Market Research is a critical part of a Business Plan. Our reports contain business's buyer personas & target audience to determine how successful your product or service will be among your target customer. They also include:

**Target market definition & a profile of your target consumer

**The size of your target market: how much you potentially could make

**What influences purchases & conversions among your target audience

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StartUp digital marketing strategy

Custom written plan & 1 hour virtual consultation covering:

**Quantified opportunities based on benchmarked competitor activity

**Clearly defined goals & objectives

**Data-driven process through customized analytics & KPI dashboards

**Digital analytics tool & how to use them

**A defined digital marketing strategy  

**Defined customer personas & online value propositions

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Business Plan Financials
Business Plan Financials

The StartUp Clinic performs Business Plan Financials and incorporates them into your Business Plan. Find out more about our Business Plan Financial Projections.

Project Management Dashboards
Project Management Dashboards

We perform StartUp Project Management; acting as the Project Manager for the build and launch of your startup. Find out more about our StartUp Project Management.

Project Management Dashboards
Project Management Dashboards

Wouldn't you like to turn all of those labor intensive details of building your startup over to professionals that have built startups for over twenty years? Find out how!

Business Plan Financials
Business Plan Financials

The StartUp Clinic performs Business Plan Financials and incorporates them into your Business Plan. Find out more about our Business Plan Financial Projections.